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SanctuaryRPG Classic is a critically acclaimed strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set entirely in the retro ASCII-art world of Sanctuary. The game is FREE to download and play to your heart's content.

Drawing inspiration from both modern roguelikes and traditional Japanese RPGs, we have poured over 10,000 hours of meticulous work into this game. Every aspect is designed to offer a compelling and replayable gameplay experience.

With dynamic combat, hilarious dialogue, and plenty of weapons at your disposal, this is truly one of the most ambitious ASCII-art RPGs of 2014.

============= Retrospective ======================

Let's take a trip back in time and take a look at how the game has progressed from Generic RPG 1.0 to where it stands today.


  • Generic RPG 1.0 (~1 Week) [11/16/2012]
  • CL RPG 1.0 (~2 Weeks)
  • FLUXX RPG 1.0 (~1 Month)
  • SanctuaryRPG Alpha 0.5.7 (~2 Months)
  • SanctuaryRPG Beta 1.3 (~3 Months)
  • SanctuaryRPG 1.0.0 (~16 Months)
  • SanctuaryRPG Classic (~20 Months)
  • SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition (~24+ Months)


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorBlack Shell Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, Roguelike, Turn-based Strategy


Generic RPG 1.0 492 kB
CL RPG 1.0 507 kB
FLUXX RPG 1.0 531 kB
SanctuaryRPG Alpha 0.5.7 604 kB
SanctuaryRPG Beta 1.3 958 kB
SanctuaryRPG 1.0.0 89 MB