A game about following orders. You must save the whales.

It seems like a simple game, but once you break it down it's far from that. Save 500 whales and you will uncover a chilling truth.

This game was created for a game jam.

Blue Whale Save is simple to play.

  • You start with 10 seconds to save the whales.
  • Every blue whale you save nets you another 3 seconds.
  • Every grey whale you save adds 1 second.
  • Save as many whales as you can by clicking on them.
  • If the timer runs out, start again. These whales need you.

Sounds easy, right?

Well then, go ahead.

Save the whales!

Published Jan 30, 2014
AuthorBlack Shell Games
Tagsaddicting, click, easy, exciting, fast, paced, simple, whale